Introducing: RegCure Pro - New in 2012

RegCure Pro is a new release registry cleaner, updated and released in 2012, ready to tackle the most recent corrupted registry entries for all versions of Windows. RegCure Pro is brought to us by Paretologic Inc. Paretologic are always constantly tweaking RegCure Pro, which is fantastic as a product is only as good as the updates. RegCure Pro tackles various types of Windows registry issues causing your computer to feel 'laggy' or slow and even random crashes and the horrible BSOD (blue screen of death). There is more to RegCure Pro than just being another registry cleaner, RegCure Pro is not limited to just a few tasks. RegCure Pro is the registry cleaner you can depend on finding and resolving all sorts of Windows registry shenanigans. As always, before purchasing any type of software program, always try the free trial, as it will help you decide whether the software can really improve and help your computer.

RegCure Pro Sounds Good, But is it Easy to Use?

RegCure Pro is a registry cleaner with a whole lot more features than the average competitor, RegCure Pro has been designed to function with maximum results for any computer user. RegCure Pro's primary focus is to maximize results whilst maintaining maximum userability. RegCure Pro doesn't confuse the user with a menu filled with various functionality and confusing buttons (unlike many of its competitors). All the complicated parts of RegCure Pro are built-in and active at all times when they are needed, so you don't need to worry if you are getting the most out of RegCure Pro. The overall look and feel of the registry cleaner might give the impression of being basic, but the scanning engine, registry cleaning engine and error seek, error resolution it features is unsurpassed; allowing the registry cleaner to quickly find and fix the highest amount of registry errors on your computer system compared to other rival registry cleaners.


If you can use your computer's mouse, you can download, install and use RegCure Pro. The installation process takes no longer than a few minutes; and, when you click "finish," RegCure Pro opens automatically for its first full scan and menu displayed with errors and their fixes recommended by RegCure Pro. The main screen clearly shows your options-tabs using simple words; no tricky icons and not too many choices, RegCure Pro does all the decision making for you. Paretologic designed one of the most intuitive user-friendly menu systems designed.

What Features of RegCure Pro Exist Which Stand Out?

At this stage of the review, you should have aknoledged that RegCure Pro is no ordinary registry cleaner, and not limited to single functionality. No other registry cleaner program works any better or any faster than RegCure Pro. Beyond the specifications, however, you need and want these three very important features:

automatic back-up

system restore; and

automatic scheduling

It is always important to backup your work at all times, even when performing a system cleanup or in this case a registry clean. It is not always obvious what may happen to your computer system once the Windows registry has been edited. RegCure Pro comes with a backup system in-case your computer does not boot up properly or begins miss-behaving. It is a must to protect your system against failure after a session of registry cleaning, and you want your PC to be working 100% of the time so you need routine maintenance being performed constantly. RegCure Pro provides both of these features and many more in a very intuitive format for all users to easily configure, set and forget.

5 Core Features of RegCure Pro which can Help Your PC

  • Gets rid of system errors and file corruptions
  • Removes malware and bloatware
  • Improves computer start-up efficiency and speed
  • Defrags memory! Not only do hard drives get fragmented!
  • Overall PC & system clean up!

RegCure Pro Testing Results!

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a registry cleaner, so it can get a little confusing as to which registry cleaner will do the job over and over again, continue to remain the best, stay efficient, feature unique and wonderful tech support and most importantly, which registry cleaner gets updated frequently. The overall winner as a supreme registry cleaner in this case would have to be RegCure Pro, because Paretologic is the leading registry cleaner software developing company out there; the original version of RegCure has been around for many many years. Paretologic stands by their products, so you can rest assured RegCure Pro will stay updated and a leading registry cleaner for a considerable amount of time and will continue to be improved into the future, you can bet on that.

As part of this review, some tests were ran using the latest version of RegCure Pro, to see just how effective it is at removing registry errors and what sort of performance gain would there be (if any), after the software ran and completed the scan. The test machine is a basic Intel Core i7 CPU computer running Windows 7 with 8GB of ram, with all drivers updated to their most recent version and has never had a registry cleaner installed or run.

Initial results show RegCure Pro has scanned through the entire system and found an assorted array of registry errors: Font entries, Application Paths, Empty Registry Keys, ActiveX Entries, Windows Startup Items, Program Shortcuts, Uninstall Entries, Shared DLL's, Help Files Information, and File Associations. Imagine what RegCure Pro would detect if you constantly install and un-install computer software. Or if you run many software applications which update quite frequently.

Once the scan has been run and all suggested fixes implemented, a reboot of the computer system is a must at this stage. Once rebooted, it was obvious that various software programs (possibly malware) were no longer running in the background (which would always come back even after disabling them in task manager)! This without a doubt improved the initial boot-up loading times. Much much quicker than before! Resource eating 'junk' has been removed from the windows registry, enabling more resources to become available for other software to use.Thank you RegCure Pro!

Overall Conclusion on RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro remains at the top of the leader board as a rated registry cleaner. It is also among the least expensive registry cleaners currently available online, yet RegCure Pro delivers and does not dissapoint.

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